UltraShape Power

UltraShape Power Fat Reduction

The first and only FDA-cleared, non-invasive body contouring treatment to use proprietary pulsed focused ultrasound to immediately destroy stubborn fat cells—and deliver noticeable results in two weeks.

How does Ultrashape® Power work?

Using ultrasound, UltraShape® is able to target fat cells, destroying them instantly, so patients can see visible results within two weeks. Because the ultrasound energy is pulsed and focused, UltraShape® is able to target the fat cells mechanically, without heating them and without damaging surrounding tissue. UltraShape’s 3D mapping of the treatment area ensures that energy is delivered uniformly, therefore minimizing contour irregularities.

Once the fat cell membranes are disrupted, the content of the cells is transported through the vascular and lymphatic systems to the liver. The fat is then processed via the body’s natural mechanisms.

Watch UltraShape® Power Work Immediately

How noticeable will my results be?

You can see results as quickly as two weeks, with optimal results at 4-6 weeks from the first treatment. Clinical results show: • Average reduction of 3.3 cm (1.3 inches) after 3 treatments • Up to 6.3 cm (nearly 2.5 inches) after 3 treatments • Lose up to 1- 2 dress sizes

Why Have UltraShape® Power?

UltraShape® Power offers a number of advantages. It has a proven track record, for 300,000 people in over 50 countries have undergone UltraShape® treatments. In addition, UltraShape® has been the subject of clinical trials involving over 600 patients and the patients reported a satisfaction rate of 86 to 94 percent. Although relatively new in the United States, it has been approved by the FDA for selective fat-cell destruction.

Since UltraShape® Power does not involve surgery, heat or cold, it is completely painless. There is no freezing, bruising or swelling. The patient is not subjected to incisions or injections, so they do not need to have a recovery period and can immediately go about their daily routine. There have been no reported adverse effects, and the fat reduction is homogenous and spread evenly throughout the treatment area.

Are You An UltraShape® Power Candidate?

The ideal candidate for UltraShape® is healthy and has a BMI under 30, which means they are not obese. Nor is UltraShape® Power for the very thin; candidates must have at least 1.5 cm (.4 inches) of fat. The ideal candidates have already adopted a healthy diet and exercise regimen and have realistic expectations of UltraShape® Power as a body shaping adjunct. They understand that UltraShape® Power is not designed for major weight loss. It is intended to sculpt those few stubborn areas that have not responded to diet or exercise. UltraShape® Power works equally well for men and women.

VelaShape III

What can VelaShape III improve?

  • Body Contouring
  • Cellulite
  • Circumference Reduction
  • Skin Texture & Tone

What are the benefits of VelaShape III?

  • Short treatment sessions and outstanding results, from as little as a single session
  • Zero downtime and little or no discomfort
  • Proven satisfaction



Cellulite and Localized Fat Backgrounder

Localized fat deposits and cellulite, natural ways of storing fat, are problematic for a few reasons, one being today’s aesthetic criteria that condemn it, the other being related to certain lifestyles that encourage its development.

VelaShape Technology Mechanism of Action

This technology’s mechanism of action is based on a novel combination of bi-polar RF and optical energies delivered to the dermis/hypodermis zones. Energy deposition in the targets is further facilitated via the concurrent application of vacuum. Optical energy targets mainly the dermis while the RF energy targets mainly the hypodermis by controlled thermal stress.